Professional background:

  • Manager (e.g. as a team lead, project lead, manager) in the below Areas and special topics e.g. employee motivation - approx. 6 years
  • Advertising & media industry (publishing house, TV station, agency, customer side) with a focus on online marketing, sales support, product management, project management, innovation management - approx. 14 years
  • Experience in national companies (e.g. Scout 24) as well as in international companies (Microsoft, AOL, Amazon)
  • Part-time as a media & communications consultant in an agency and worked as a freelance - approx. 10 years


  • 1999: Abitur and later diploma in media business administration
  • 2003: Training as a businessman in the real estate and housing industry with a focus on sales, marketing and corporate communication
  • 2021: Graduation from SGD - Certificate "Psychological Consultant and Business Coach"
  • You can find my certifications here

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