Workshop at FLIX:

I got the chance to get 2x workshop slots for the topic "How to deal with stress?" at a multi-day workshop at FlixTrain. This topic is very important to me personally, because I know from my own experience how "difficult" but also how "good" this is to change.

I was able to present a mix of my own experience + professional knowledge and show how important the topic is and how much it is worth it if everyone takes care of themselves and takes stress "seriously" or reduces it.

Seminar at Amazon:

Thanks to the communities at Amazon from Women @ Amazon Advertising and Mental Health & Welling, I had the opportunity on May 4th, 2021 to present at the first joint event: "Find your motivation through challenges."

It was about "finding ways to reduce stress / protect yourself from burnout and to find motivation for yourself through challenges!" In our interactive live stream with surveys and anonymous QAs, we had 135 live streamers - and far more registered interested parties are given the opportunity to see the recorded version.

Blog at Amazon: After my seminar at Amazon, I was asked to give an interview on the subject of burnout. Which can be read here: