Core area

During my training as a psychological consultant & business coach at SGD, we learned very quickly that we had to consider whether we wanted to focus on certain topics (priorities) or whether we wanted to offer a "colorful vendor's tray".

It quickly became clear to me that I really wanted to learn more about stress & burnout and executive coaching and that I wanted to focus on that. Nevertheless, I also took the time and looked inside myself, informed myself and looked at what the main topics were.

Based on my own experiences, "strokes of fate" and what I had learned, it then became clear that I would like to deepen the following key topics and offer them as a psychological consultant & business coach:

  • stress management
  • burnout
  • mindfulness
  • Bullying & Coming Out
  • Team development & team leadership

I am very pleased to have already successfully completed seminars/further training courses on these topics. You can also find here .

Of course you can also ask me about other topics and we will talk about them openly.